“How I went from living in my car to generating over $120,000,000 Online”


Dear Friend:

On a beautiful warm spring evening, twenty years ago, I had nothing but worries on mind. My Grey Nissan Sentra, The Car  I had been living out of, had just been reposed while I was staying in my brother’s apartment one night.


There I was, no home, no car, no money,  no job. Even worse, the merchandise I sold door to door as a traveling salesman, was now GONE.


What in the world was I going to do?!?  I already borrowed money from everyone I knew, and had terrible credit.


I remember sitting there for awhile wondering how I got to this point in my life, I started to fell pretty sorry for myself. I felt a tear go down my cheek. 


As a young boy I was filled with ambitious dreams for the future. I grew up with a loving family, went to a good high school, lived in a great neighborhood.

How - I thought, HOW did this happen to me?  Then - Suddenly, a powerful thought began to take over me! MAYBE ALL THE PROBLEMS IN MY LIFE, I CREATED MYSELF?


Maybe everything that was not working for me had one common denominator: ME, MYSELF, I ?!?        AH -HA !!!    Maybe I was the ONLY ONE  to blame for everything in my life that was NOT WORKING.

As I let this realization sink in deeper and deeper, I could feel a difference brewing inside me.  All at once, I began to feel powerful!


What if I could take responsibility for everything that happened to me from that moment on??! How Would my life be different? Changing my mind like this would mean that I would be TRULY in control of my life for the first time in 20 years!


What Made The Difference?


Have you ever wondered, as I have, what makes this kind of difference in people’s lives? It isn’t always intelligence or talent or dedication. It isn’t that one person wants success and the other doesn’t.


What made my 30 year old self Fail over and over and over again?!?


The difference lies in what each person takes responsibility for.

And that is why I put this program together. I want to tell you and to people like you about some secrets I discovered. 11 Secrets I’ve put together in a system, I call CREATIVE LEVERAGE. More on that in a bit….


The whole purpose of this system, To give you a framework I used to go from living out of my car to generating over $120,000,000 ALL online.


The question is, if you have the courage to truly answer it:


Are you TRULY ready to take control of your life?!?


What if you decided as a first step to take complete responsibility for everything that happens to you, and LOOK INSIDE  yourself to answers?!?  What if you never again assign blame for anything outside yourself again?


Does this concept sound a little strange to you? Does it also feel, look and smell right? That means something inside you knows that there is truth here. Truth, that can create a bountiful life filled with the sights and sounds of abundance, a life of riches that something inside you knows you already posses!!


So what are the 11 Secrets? What is the creative leverage system?


Well, before I go into detail - I need to make sure you’re ready. This is why I told you the story above. You will not be ready for this Journey UNTIL you accept complete responsibility for your life.  My program and secrets WILL NOT WORK FOR YOU, until you do….


This is not for everyone.  Decide RIGHT NOW.  Are you ready for the next step?


OK >> Good!


Step ONE is to commit yourself right now to taking control of your life. The way you do that is though ACTION.


Step TWO is to watch my video presentation NOW which will explain the first of 11 concepts of Creative Leverage: Affiliate Marketing, BUT thought by me as I made over 120,000,000 dollars in Affiliate Marketing.


CAREFUL: There is my way to do this, and there is the wrong way. Don’t make mistakes by taking other courses. There are Tons of pretenders on Instagram and Facebook that only teach and sell courses. Look out! Don’t get fooled by this. I have a step by step plan I used to completely change my life. I am on elf the only people on earth that has made NINE figures in this space.


Here is the bad news: You are likely going to miss this.


P.S. It’s True you might miss this forever. The studies show, if you don’t take action NOW In the process (take step 2 now and watch the video) you probably never will. What if you miss your only chance? What if you miss the one moment you can change everything. The power in in your hands. If you have read this far it means you are ready. Act Now. Don’t miss out. Visit me now at https://chriskay.com/ 

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